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There are refuting Archaeological opinions whether Lefkada is Ulysses’ Ithaca or not. It can become your “Ithaca” by getting to know the endless verdant areas and the Ionian deep blue waters that have made the island known worldwide. Amadryades villas are located in Lefkada, the fourth island in size of the Ionian Sea which belongs to the island cluster of Eptanisa. The island is known for its uniqueness that although it is an island it is accessible by land.
According to mythology the “Amadryades” were nymphs of lonely trees, meadows and mountains. Amadruades villas could not be located anywhere else but the verdant and quiet environment of the quaint village of Xortata on the west coast of the island.

It is near the island’s beautiful beaches such as Porto-Katsiki, Kathisma, Gyalos, Egremnoi etc